Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thanks Leah

I was quite chuffed the other day to receive this Beautiful Blogger award from Leah. I have come to know Leah through blogland and swaps that a mutual friend used to organise, and I have enjoyed playing Leah's various blog challenges over the last year or so. She shares so many awesome projects on her blog and I am so excited to be meeting her in the flesh soon!!!!
As part of accepting this award, I am to nominate 10 more beautiful blogs and tell you 10 things about myself.
Check out these 10 blogs (I don't think I can pass this back to Leah....)
10 facts about me (no particular order).....
1. I am really excited to have recently made contact again with my host family from my student exchange.
2. I LOVE reading but rarely have the time to do so these days - I bought 2 books at Easter and have read not quite a chapter of one.
3. I have never been to Sydney - yet!
4. I have a gorgeous godson whom I am hoping to meet in the flesh later this year xxxx
5. I really enjoy my job as a clinical dietitian, even though it can be stressful and heartbreaking at times.
6. I have a wonderful family whom I miss incredibly every day (even though it's been over 5 years since we lived in the same state).
7. I feel privileged to have friends that don't worry that we haven't been in touch for ages, we still talk with each other like it was only yesterday.
8. I feel so lucky to have lived in and been able to visit some of the most beautiful parts of Australia.
9. I love watching my little girl sleep
10. Even though I can talk the leg off a chair, I find it really difficult to find the right words to write in cards, that's one reason why I make them - the thought goes into the design :)
Thanks so much Leah and thanks for visiting!

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KimB said...

Hi Natasha,

thanks so much for the award, and thank you so much for coming up and introducing yourself. It just shocked me that some people at convention recognised me!!I'm delighted to meet a fellow stamper :)