Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Fun Blog Challenge

I really should be writing my assignment, but I am SO uninspired by this one... Anyways, Sharon has tagged me in a fun blog challenge, so I thought I'd play along while I (supposedly!!) have the time.

The challenge was to go into your My Pictures folder, select the 6th folder and then the 6th photo within that folder. You are then to post that photo on your blog and give the story behind it. Now, my 6th folder is my Luana folder and that has many subfolders, so I'm actually going to post 2 photos. This first one is the 6th folder or image in my Luana folder:

This photo was taken with Paul's phone when Luana was almost 8 months old sitting on our bed in an outfit her godmother gave her when she was born. I think he was just mucking around with the phone, and she's just TOO cute!!

And this photo is the 6th photo in the 1st subfolder in the 1st subfolder (yes, my folder system does go to up to 5 levels!!):

This photo of my darling was taken when she was exactly 2 weeks old (as close as possible to the minute), sleeping soundly in my arms. I actually think I took this photo myself reaching out (hence the slightly awkward position Luana is in). We have taken at least one photo of her every day since she was born, which is something that was important to me as we live so far away from family, little ones change and grow WAY too quickly and we have had too many loved ones pass away only to find no-one has a decent, recent photo of them.

So there you go, another glimpse into Natasha's world. I am supposed to pass this challenge onto 6 other people:

1. Kylie A
2. Nat (has already played, but check out her entry)
3. Leah
4. Spice (non-stamping)
5. Kristy
6. Zarna

I only know some of these talented ladies via their wonderful blogs, so thanks in advance!


Sharon said...

Thanks for playing Natasha. Very cute photos of Luana.

I know what you mean about folders and sub-folders - mine go pretty deep in some places too!

Leah said...

Launa's sooo cute, you can't help but smile back at her cheeky smile.
This challenge seems like a bit of fun, I'm up for it.:)