Thursday, February 19, 2009

Luana's Weekend Stamping

Luana loves to 'paint' with me when I'm stamping, so this weekend we sat down and made a few cards for a few special people in her life:

For one of her godmothers, Kerry who we think of and love just a little bit more in February (but we still think of and love her the rest of the year too!).

For baby Lach-an (she misses the second 'l') who arrived last Wednesday and

for Luana's best buddy Brendan who has just become a Big Brother.

Luana chose each of the stamps she wanted to use (from a small selection), and which colours she would use for each (with only a touch of guidance). She also decided which colour stars for Brendan's card and where to put them!

Well done my darling girl!


Zarna said...

So gorgeous!!!

Kerry Dunn said...

I got my card and although I read your blog often and I had already seen it on there I loved receiving it!!! Thank you so much, it really means so much o know you are thinking of us. Miss you xxxxx