Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where have the past 2 years gone?

One event that has contributed to my not posting for a while was my beautiful little girl's second birthday. I have no idea where the past 2 years have gone and am constantly amazed by what she can do and how quickly she picks things up. Last year, I chickened out and only made the invites for her birthday party and bought a card, but this year I made a 'suite' that I am quite proud of. However, due to me not being organised enough and Paul and I only deciding 2 days before her birthday what exactly to do, only family received an invite.

If you would like the details of these projects, please leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

Last but not least, as a dietitian, I cannot in good conscience send cake to childcare to celebrate Luana's special day, so here's the fruit platter I made this year - not really at all like I imagined (considering the supermarket did not have any yellow pears or honey dew, and I had a starfruit floating around in the fridge), but still pretty cool!! All the fruit was eaten (or at least tried in the case of the starfruit), so take that as a thumbs up from the kids!


Mel Hanlon said...

They certainly go by quickly, dont they!

Nerine .P. said...

These are so cute Natasha...everything looks fantastic!